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Watch Rockets vs Warriors Live Stream : The NBA season began two games: the Celtics vs. Cavaliers and the Rockets vs. Warriors. Eight months later, we have four teams in the 2018 final. Both teams have classic features, but in the West Houston-Golden State may be one of the teams of all ages. The Rockets and the Warriors are both healthy. Both teams are the best two teams of the season and have made relatively easy advances in the first two rounds. These teams are very similar, but there are striking differences in some areas.

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If Houston fails, it may say that all other factors have no practical significance. It’s hard to imagine the Rockets defeating the Warriors in other ways. The problem is that the Rockets didn’t play three games particularly well in these postseason games. They took a large number of courses and thus led to trying all 3 teams in the playoffs, but they only dropped 35%, which is ranked 11th in the playoffs.

In fact, the Golden State played worse in three games, with only 32.9% of the teams ranked 15th out of 16 playoff teams. However, the Warriors, this may be surprising, they now almost do not believe three times. With Durant on board, you wear the traditional advantage of confrontation with Durant hit rate only in the shorter range of maintainers and 18-19 feet, even Klay Thompson and Curry left many monitors In the middle, it is good as a ranger. In total, only 28.9% of Golden State Warriors came from downtown, and Houston shot only 42%.

This number can only give you a team that is as efficient as Golden State. The Houston team must score three games at a more stable time than the playoffs. This will not happen only by luck. We will talk more about the speed in a minute, but in the case of Sanyuan, Houston, who is willing to play slowly, half-game against the Golden State Warriors is generally selective to run a good look. In the early offense and transition. Against the Warriors’ midfield defensive, getting high quality, clean defense and all the ability to change length and length is a difficult task for 48 minutes. In short, the types of shots the Rockets can achieve, whether in selective conversion or at halftime, remain controversial or non-controversial. What makes us feel

Well, yes, give me the Warriors’ defense.

This is not just the death line. The Warriors have Green, Durant, Iguodala and Thompson, at least two of which are on the court at any time, regardless of whether you choose Kerr to rotate so much versatility. Houston is very dependent on getting the switch we are talking about, but the Warriors suppress the switch because, generally speaking, their players can protect any position. The only exception is Curry, of course, the Rockets will do everything possible to fight with him directly, just like the Warriors will do for Harden.

Houston has a very strong defense. Frankly, this is the only reason we can even consider it to be a threat to Golden State. In the past few years, the Rockets have had to beat you. With Tucker, Mbah Bamotte and Paul, this is still one of the best defenders of the ball in the game, and in the periphery like Aliza joined by one person, they can change almost anything now. But not at the level of the Warriors.

If … the rocket won
Clint Capella can play the best basketball in his career. In the three regular seasons, Capella averaged 15 points, 6.3 rebounds and 1.0 blocks. When the Warrior gets smaller, he must be able to stay on the floor and provide a hard roll on the edge after their bones break the screen.

The most important factor in this series is whether Capella can cause problems with Draymond Green.

Superstars Chris Paul and James Harden need to play against Curry and Durant, at least not allowing Cree Thompson to draw even.

The Rockets’ defense must allow opponent teams to choke. Houston’s defensive teams like Ariza, Tucker and Lukmumb have allowed Mut to make Durant as inefficient as possible.

In addition, if Houston can produce at least 15 triple-doubles for this series, that’s not bad.