Lomachenko vs Linares

Lomachenko vs Linares Live Online: In all the conversations, Saturday’s lightweight championship against WBA champion Jorge Linares was theoretically the most difficult battle of Vasiliy Lomachenko’s career. Most of the pre-fighting talks focused on the two-point championship. Artistic talent and long-term potential historical career.

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Lomachenko, who had just entered his 12th professional game, tried to add a third championship in the third weight category. Yes, he read correctly: He is already a belt holder for lightweight and junior lightweight divisions, “high tech” is trying to pick up his third in lightweight

He also won the victory: he defeated Gary Russell in the third professional game, won the vacant WBO lightweight championship, then rose and defeated Roma Martinez to win the WBO Super Featherband.

However, men sharing rings with Lomachenko (10-1, 8 KOs) in Madison Square Garden (8 pm Eastern Time, ESPN) in New York City will become a 135-pound division for most of this year. This decade. They also participated in a winning streak of 13 victories in the sports that combined speed, precision and technology.

“This is the fight that boxing fans want,” Linares said. “This will be a super battle between the two best champions. Not only will I prove why I’m the best lightweight driver in the world, but I’m also one of the best British pound fighter in the world.” I own The speed, ability and power to win this battle. This [Saturday], Vasiliy Lomachenko will bow to ‘King’ Jorge.

Lomachenko (10-1-0) performed consistently and quickly. He eliminated eight opponents in his career and allowed his last four opponents to surrender on the bench. His mysterious pace and unorthodox style – throwing punches from a crazy angle – make him a unique boxer and entertainer to watch.

However, Lomachenko faced a difficult task on Saturday night because he tried to scrap J. J. Helinares, probably the best fighter in the lightweight sector. Linares lost in the last fight six years ago and entered a fight with Lomachenko in 13 consecutive victories. It has the advantages of being achieved, experienced and capable enough to cause problems for Lomachenko.

Will the “high-tech” upgrade be a result of the reduction in weight, or will Jorge Linares send Lomáchenko to the locker room and wonder if his decision will improve?

Despite the fact that two Olympic gold medallists were on the edge of unprecedented events in boxing history, Lomachenko will enter the battle, and many questions need to be answered. He only has 11 battles.

Compared with Lomachenko, his size, strength and speed can be properly raised to 135 pounds. This gives him the same dynamic advantage he enjoyed in the course of approaching historical time, making him the best fighter in boxing matches.

“The best I can tell you is I fell asleep and I stopped watching,” Linares said about Lomachenko-Rigondeaux. “It wasn’t his [Lomachenko’s] fault. [Rigondeaux] made him look bad. But he had more advantages than Rigondeaux and he destroyed him. Now reverse it. He’s the smaller guy. Be careful, so maybe the same thing happens to him.”

Lomachenko has made the last four opponents he faced ask out of the fight before the 12-round distance. He makes no such guarantees against Linares, however.

“I can’t talk about [how smart and experienced Linares is] before the fight,” Lomachenko said. “I need to check, I need to feel. A lot of people think [highly] about him, but he’s never fought with a boxer like me. Understand? After the fight, I can answer. I’m not worried about it because I know my boxing, I know my style. I know my power.